Thursday, May 15, 2014

"Posh Cuisine?"

What is... "Posh Cuisine?"

Let me start with a proper introduction. Hello! My name is Ellen. As much as I'd like to say I'm just your average "girl with a passion for cooking," there's really much more to the story..

So who am I? (and why should you care to read my blog?) 
In a nutshell, I am a girl whose love of cooking goes far beyond experiments in the kitchen... my idea of a good book? Anything with a frosted cake, or gooey lasagna on the cover! I read cookbooks like they were by Stephen King (hint: favorite normal-book author). Each recipe has a story, a different method, and the pictures are the best part! They leave me hungry for more (literally, hungry though) and usually warrant a grocery list and trip to the store...But anyways! Food has always been a very big part of my life, and I have committed myself to enjoying it as a hobby (for now) as I experiment, learn, and enjoy each bite.

As for the rest of this "about me" section: I'm a sophomore in college, communication major, I love everything about the 1980s, elephants, and that's about it! (Trust me, you'll learn much more throughout this blog)

So what exactly is this blog? 
This is my first summer home from college and I cannot WAIT to get cooking! I've lived on dining hall food for months... (which may not sound too bad unless you're a clean eating foodie like me...) Needless to say, I plan on cooking a ton this summer! And this blog will be my place to discuss new recipes, my ideas, what works, what doesn't, and who knows what else! I could talk about food for hours...(so be ready!) Plus I want to stay connected with my friends, who have helped me so much this past freshmen year. So thank you girls! (us posing at a convenience store below)

Finally, why "Posh" Cuisine?
My style of cooking is simple, yet with an elegant twist. I LOVE styling food for presentation, (of course taste comes first) and adding flavorful twists on classics and new recipes alike. I hope you will enjoy my blog as I journey through the summer, leave comments, and add a splash of "posh" to your next dish!