Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cupcake Berry Trifles

I'm all for making simple, yummy dishes (and desserts) in fun and creative ways. Even the most basic recipe can be dressed up with some 'posh!' These trifles are just one example...

If you'll recall, I made chocolate cupcakes earlier this week, and didn't end up stuffing them all with ice cream. I also had leftover berries from the salad (if you're totally lost, be sure to visit my Sunday Dinner post to see where I got these ingredients!) One trip to the store for instant pudding mix (plus stuff for dinner) later, and I was ready to make this fun, light dessert!

There are so many different types of trifles, ways to layer them, methods to serve them - this is just one way! I encourage you to try it with whatever flavors you like, or with any leftover sweets you may have on hand!

I wanted to make small individual servings as a light, refreshing end to our taco dinner, while also using up some of the leftover 'supplies.' Plus, why not have some fun in the kitchen?? Hence, I began! I started by preparing my ingredients (and taking lots of pictures).

Once the pudding was made (well, whisked for 2 minutes and left to set) and the berries and cupcakes were ready, it was time to assemble! I started with cupcake chunks on the bottom (although I'm sure you could start with whichever layer you like), then used a small cookie scoop to add the pudding into the jars. Next, I sprinkled in a couple berries, and repeated layers until I reached the top! (I used small, half pint jars from our canning supply and they worked great!)
With some room still left in the jars, I spread more pudding on top and sealed them up - and in the fridge they went until dessert! To serve, I spread the tops with cool whip and mini chocolate chips (totally optional, but if you knew me, you'd realize I can't leave any dessert undecorated!) They were the perfect end to dinner, so light and refreshing! (plus, the white chocolate pudding paired really well with the juicy berries and chocolate cake - a huge hit!)
I really encourage you take simple, everyday (and maybe leftover) ingredients, and give them a new spin! Let your true posh shine! --See below for the recipe--

With love (for food),
--A dash of posh can make all the difference in your next dish!--