Sunday, May 25, 2014

Oatmeal "Whoopie!" Pie Cookies

I was totally shouting "whoopie!!" today after I got an ICE CREAM MAKER!!! How exciting is that!? I've wanted one for so long! Yet, I had to wait until finals and everything had settled down - longest. wait. ever. But I got one today! And on the way home, naturally, I picked up the supplies to make frozen yogurt, got home, read the instructions...and the freezer bowl has to be completely frozen before starting.. :/ what. the. heck. So frozen yogurt will be coming soon! In the meantime, I had my eye on an oatmeal whoopie pie cookie recipe from an Amish cookbook my mom bought not too long ago.. so what better occasion to whip them up than when depressed about having to wait YET AGAIN to make a frozen dessert!? So, let's all shout "whoopie!" for these whoopie pie cookies, instead!

Let me start by saying "yum!" The flavor was great, and these cookies were super quick to whip up, bake, and fill! Below is the recipe book (expect more from here, there's a sugar cookie and a pie recipe which look awfully good...) The recipe can also be found here (at

This recipe was a bit different than traditional cookie recipes I've made. For example, I creamed the butter, sugar, AND eggs at the same time! Then I added all the dry ingredients, then the oatmeal and cinnamon, then mixed boiling water with baking soda...and stirred that in last. A process totally worth it!

*As a note, I highly recommend investing in rounded cookie scoops - they're perfect for making each cookie the same size!
Perfect size, every time!
Although the recipe said to bake them for 10-15 minutes, mine were done in 8! Also, I suggest 9 cookies per tray because they spread quite a bit.. I was surprised, too, because of the baking soda and baking powder in the batter! Then again, I did improvise a little by substituting half of the quick cooking oats for regular...(I ran out of quick cooking oats! Dang those lazy breakfasts when I didn't feel like cooking up regular oatmeal!) But either way, they turned out delicious!

While they were cooling, it was time to make the filling! Different from the thick, frosting-like chocolate whoopie pie filling I'm used to making, this filling was rather thin and kept only soft peaks. Yet, for these large, soft and chewy oatmeal cookies - it was perfect! Using a smaller scoop, I plopped a little filling onto the bottoms of half the cookies, and played matchmaker!

Super cute, right!? The filling's sweetness really helped bring the entire cookie together - I'm thinking these cookies may also make great ice cream sandwiches! (using ice cream from my ice cream maker, of course) This recipe made about 20 pies - plenty for dessert! With plenty leftover for snacking! Each bite of this sugary sweet pie, with its sweet creme filling, was pure delight! 

So where's the 'posh,' you may ask? The posh is everywhere! It's the extra care used when finding each cookie its perfect match, or setting them up nicely on a plate for dessert. Posh is putting yourself in the dish! And these cookies, from a terrific Amish recipe, have plenty of posh - as well as flavor! Just see for yourself! 
With love (for food),
--A dash of posh can make all the difference in your next dish!--