Tuesday, May 27, 2014

First Ice Cream Maker Creation!

Strawberry Lemon Cake Batter Frozen Yogurt

I FINALLY got to use my new ice cream maker!! (You may be wondering: the first thing I make is frozen yogurt..?) That's right! After browsing on Pinterest, (a favorite site of mine!) I found a recipe for Strawberry Lemon Cake Batter Frozen Yogurt - and I had to make it! I love light, refreshing desserts, and lemon-anything is always a big hit in my family! (Don't get me wrong though, I'm always in the mood for warm brownies or a hot fudge sundae, too! Pile on the whipped cream!) At the same time, this frozen yogurt was the perfect finish to a busy day of gardening and yard work! Find the recipe here (at iheartnaptime.net). With 3 simple ingredients and a bit of patience, it was fantastic!! 
3 Simple Ingredients
After whisking these together, I covered the bowl with plastic wrap and put it in the fridge to chill, so I could get the ice cream maker all set. Of course before that could happen, I managed to get into a fight with the plastic wrap box...and I lost.

A nurse's work is never done
Me vs. Plastic Wrap: All day I had been thinking to myself how miserable plastic wrap was, and how much I despised it.. all day! And then it attacks me!? I just wanted one piece to cover the batter, and it had to be the difficult piece. So, after the bleeding stopped and my mom (thank goodness she's a nurse!) bandaged me up, I continued with dessert!

The ice cream maker was SO EASY. I inserted the frozen bowl, poured in the batter, slid in the paddle, covered it, and viola! (Well, I plugged it in too, that helps). Within 30 minutes, I had beautiful, pink soft-serve frozen yogurt!

Fortunately, I made this up before dinner, rather than during - so I had enough time to put it in the freezer and let it get to a more 'scoop-able' consistency. (As a note, I think next time I'll make it up in the morning, so it has more time to 'chill out' (aha, get it?) in the freezer.) By dessert, it had reached a semi-soft-serve state, and was easy to serve!
For some added "posh," I sprinkled extra lemon cake batter mix over the top, and placed a fanned strawberry on each. (Mini chocolate chips were added later, amazing!) *To fan a strawberry, carefully slice towards the top, stopping about 1/4 inch from the green cap. Spread, or "fan," out the layers and it's done!*

A little posh on top!
Wasn't this recipe super easy!? I have so many ideas/plans for my ice cream maker this summer! At some point I will make traditional ice cream, yet for now I'm loving this yogurt lifestyle! There are tons of recipes out there, and I aim to find them! (And then add my own splash of 'posh!') Pinterest, here I come! And thank you Jamielyn at "i heart nap time" for this recipe!

With love (for food),
--A dash of posh can make all the difference in your next dish!--