Monday, August 18, 2014

Wedding Cake

I am so pleased to announce Posh Cuisine's first wedding cake was a success! After months of planning, weeks of preparation, last weekend's trial run (well worth the effort), and crunch-time decorating, this wedding cake was a huge hit at my uncle's wedding!

This cake was no easy feat, let me tell you. But I just love weddings!! Everything about them! I really wanted this cake to be special, so I made sure to do my research. There's a lot to making a wedding cake! I held my breath up until it was not only delivered, but sitting on the table in the reception hall. I was so nervous!

All this work was totally worth it. Both the ceremony and the reception were beautiful - wonderfully done! And I'm so happy to welcome my new aunt and cousins into the family! So, with this cake as my gift to my uncle and (new) aunt, may your marriage be filled with happiness and love. And let there be cake!

With love (for food),
--A dash of posh can make all the difference in your next dish!--