Sunday, June 1, 2014

AMAZING Whole Wheat Banana Bread

BANANA BREAD - Whole Wheat & Wonderful!

There are SO MANY recipes out there for banana me. I've looked! And then I found this one...You see, these browning bananas in my kitchen have been watching me for a couple days, and I knew I just had to take care of them. No banana looks at me that way and doesn't get made into a recipe! Meanwhile, I had been looking for a banana bread recipe which could be considered a "bread"  (meaning we could slice it, toast it, peanut butter it up, etc) rather than a cake or 'treat.' PLUS I wanted it to be made with whole wheat flour and act as a good, solid foundation for breakfast. This bread, below, this one simple recipe - made all these wishes come true. (But be careful what you wish for... or else you, too, could end up with 2 loaves of absolutely delicious banana bread and no self control to eat just one slice for breakfast.)
By searching on Pinterest (and after gawking at all the mouthwatering pictures), I found several recipes, most of which called for applesauce, or honey, or didn't lend themselves to becoming whole wheat. First, we didn't have any applesauce (so I planned on using plain nonfat Greek Yogurt, instead). Second, my honey stash was running low. Thirdly, I wanted this to be a breakfast type of bread, so the 'healthier,' the better. Finally, I settled upon the recipe found here, with a couple modifications of my own... 

This recipe was so easy, too! Mix the wet, add the dry, pour into the prepared pans, and bake! (Then stare at it until it cools enough to eat it.)

And finally, slice it up and eat it!! Its amazing!! It totally keeps it's "bread" shape (not too crumbly or cake-like), it's fantastic with peanut butter (and the extra crunchy honey peanut butter my daddy picked up...great find!), and toasted... words can't even describe it.  
So, search for that perfect whole wheat banana bread goodness no longer - and try this one! Eat it for breakfast, make it a snack, do it up sandwich-style, anything goes! (And then let me know how you like it!) And see how you can make it your own. Add that 'posh' and see what happens :)

With love (for food),
--A dash of posh can make all the difference in your next dish!--